Computer Security Tip of the Day
June 22nd
One of the most effective ways you can protect your computer at home is to make sure both the operating system and your applications are patched and updated. Enable automatic updating whenever possible.
SANS Institute - IT Security Whitepapers
June 18th
As more midsize organizations move into the cloud, security professionals may wonder why cloud security seems difficult. More than likely, the real security challenge is the perceived loss of control. Numerous security best practices plus improved securit…
June 15th
Microsoft Windows is widely used by forensic professionals. Windows 10 is the latest version available today. Many popular forensic packages such as FTK, Encase, and Redline are only running on Windows. Other packages such as Python, Volatility, The Sleut…
June 14th
The increased use of IoT devices on business networks presents an growing challenge to security, and printers are an especially overlooked device from a security perspective. This paper examines specific attack areas for IoT devices, particularly printers…
June 12th
Respondents have a vested interest in improving visibility, detection and response through more automated, integrated endpoint protection, detection and response technologies. In this survey, 84% of endpoint breaches included more than one endpoint. Deskt…
June 6th
File integrity is at the heart of maintaining a secure cyber profile. But cyber security must also protect system integrity--the state of the infrastructure (encompassing applications, endpoints and networks) where intended functions must not be degraded …
Dark Reading Security News
June 23rd
The Executive Office of the President isn't complying with the DMARC protocol, but that has fewer implications than some headlines would suggest.
June 21st
Here's how hackers use network tools and stolen identities to turn a device-level compromise into an enterprise-level takedown.
June 19th
Teaching users why it's important to commit to security controls is a far more effective strategy than simply demanding that they follow them. Here's how.
June 6th
To be held in Chicago Oct. 23-25, defense-focused conference will feature closed-door discussions, co-resident Black Hat Training sessions
June 5th
NAC and security firm added to Fortinet's portfolio.
New Security Threats
June 23rd
Malefactors have doubled down on duping Fortnite enthusiasts, releasing YouTube videos with links to scam versions of the game. And that's not all.
June 23rd
A battery-saving app enables attackers to snatch text messages and read sensitive log data - but it also holds true to its advertising.
June 23rd
Supreme Court decision requires law enforcement to obtain a warrant to gain access to cellphone records for tracking citizens.
June 23rd
Far from being a simple hacktivist filled with an impulse for social justice, a different picture emerges when his activity is collated together.
June 23rd
The Roku streaming video device and the Sonos Wi-Fi speakers suffer from the same DNS rebinding flaw reported in Google Home and Chromecast devices earlier this week.