Computer Security Tip of the Day
August 7th
What happens to our digital presence when we die or become incapacitated? Many of us have or know we should have a will and checklists of what loved ones need to know in the event of our passing. But what about all of our digital data and online accounts?…
Bruce Schneier on Security
August 8th
There's a new SQUID: A new device that relies on flowing clouds of ultracold atoms promises potential tests of the intersection between the weirdness of the quantum world and the familiarity of the macroscopic world we experience every day. The atomtronic…
August 7th
The NSA has issued an advisory on the risks of location data. Mitigations reduce, but do not eliminate, location tracking risks in mobile devices. Most users rely on features disabled by such mitigations, making such safeguards impractical. Users should b…
August 4th
The Cambridge Cybercrime Centre has a series of papers on cybercrime during the coronavirus pandemic....
August 4th
Australia is reporting that a BlackBerry device has been cracked after five years: An encrypted BlackBerry device that was cracked five years after it was first seized by police is poised to be the key piece of evidence in one of the state's longest-runni…
August 1st
A 17-year-old Florida boy was arrested and charged with last week's Twitter hack. News articles. Boing Boing post. Florida state attorney press release. This is a developing story. Post any additional news in the comments. EDITED TO ADD (8/1): Two others …
Dark Reading Security News
August 6th
NeoEYED CTO Tamaghna Basu tells us how he created an AI bot to mimic him, how it could be used in social engineering attacks, and what the experience taught him about the value of true human connections.
July 28th
How stolen credentials for services like Zoom and password reuse practices threaten to compromise other accounts and applications.
July 25th
The security features for verifying the source of an email header fail to work together properly in many implementations, according to a team of researchers.
July 24th
Open source software for creating deepfakes is getting better and better, to the chagrin of researchers
July 2nd
Security has evolved to evaluate an identity's attributes, access, and behavior to determine appropriate access.
New Security Threats
August 8th
Researchers identified serious flaws in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC and the Hexagon architecture that impacts nearly half of Android handsets.
August 8th
Legacy applications don't support modern authentication -- and cybercriminals know this.
August 8th
Fully opening the door to allow people to contribute to – and notably, tinker with – the code for the data-breach information service will be an entirely next-level effort, according to founder Troy Hunt.
August 7th
Chipmaker investigates a leak of intellectual property from its partner and customer resource center.
August 7th
Appropriate use of native security controls in AWS and other CSPs is fundamental to managing cloud risk and avoiding costly breaches.