Computer Security Tip of the Day
September 26th
Be careful with email auto-complete. This is an email feature that automatically completes a name for you when you begin typing it in the TO field. However, your email client can easily complete the wrong name for you. If you are emailing anything sensiā€¦
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Dark Reading Security News
September 26th
The issue for cloud adopters is no longer where your data sits in AWS, on-premises, Azure, Salesforce, or what have you. The important questions are: Who has access to it, and how is it protected?
September 22nd
Move beyond generic, annual security awareness training with these important tips.
September 21st
Actionable advice for tailoring the National Institute of Standards and Technology's security road map to your company's business needs.
September 20th
New standards offer protection against hacking, credential theft, phishing attacks, and hope for the end of an era of passwords as a security construct.
September 19th
While vastly different than their IT counterparts, operational technology environments share common risks and best practices.
New Security Threats
September 26th
Online ad industry moves away from once prolific ads that are now deemed insecure because of DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities.
September 26th
A data breach targeting women's apparel giant SHEIN occurred between June and August 2018.
September 26th
Malicious apps can trivially thwart Mojave 10.14's new privacy protections.
September 25th
A recent cryptomining campaign shows criminal ingenuity.
September 25th
The spam campaign mostly targets victims in Turkey and Germany.