Computer Security Tip of the Day
July 23rd
Never share your passwords with others, including your supervisor or coworkers. Your password is a secret; it only works if only you know it. If anyone else knows your password, you may be responsible for their actions.
Bruce Schneier on Security
July 22nd
More nation-state activity in cyberspace, this time from Russia: Per the different reports in Russian media, the files indicate that SyTech had worked since 2009 on a multitude of projects since 2009 for FSB unit 71330 and for fellow contractor Quantum. P…
July 20th
Large squid mural in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered. Read my blog posting guidelines here....
July 19th
I didn't know that Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens "was also a cryptographer for the Navy during World War II." He was a proponent of individual privacy....
July 18th
Identity theft is getting more subtle: "My job application was withdrawn by someone pretending to be me": When Mr Fearn applied for a job at the company he didn't hear back. He said the recruitment team said they'd get back to him by Friday, but…
Dark Reading Security News
July 19th
Threat actors are increasingly 'living off the land,' using publicly available management and administration tools to conceal malicious activity.
July 18th
New research on password management tools identifies the relative strengths and weaknesses of 12 competing offerings.
July 13th
Small business IT professionals are trying to balance multiple priorities and finding that the balance often leaves the company with serious security risks.
July 10th
Because data has never been more portable, taking it has never been easier. And that's a huge problem during mergers and acquisitions.
July 9th
Getting your company smartphone or laptop stolen from your car isn't just a hassle; it can have large regulatory ramifications, too. Visibility is the answer.
New Security Threats
July 23rd
The bug is previously unknown but yet still fixed in later releases. However, many organizations are likely still vulnerable.
July 23rd
Enterprises should recognize the data security risk that Slack, Teams or TeamViewer could introduce and address it.
July 23rd
The Bulgarian attack impacted almost all tax information for the entire country.
July 23rd
Threatpost talks to Tim Mackey with Synopsys about recent Amazon Echo and Google Home privacy faux pas. Will GDPR and other regulations catch up to the voice assistants?
July 23rd
Equifax will dish out as much as $700 million on the heels of its infamous 2017 data breach that impacted 150 million customers.