Computer Security Tip of the Day
May 28th
If you have kids with mobile devices, create a central home charging station in your bedroom. Before the kids go to bed at night, have them put their mobile devices there so they are not tempted to play with them when they should be sleeping.
SANS Institute - IT Security Whitepapers
May 27th
Today, a lot of malware is being created and utilized. To solve this problem, many researchers study technologies that can quickly respond automatically to detected malware. Using artificial intelligence (AI) is such an example. However, modern AI has dif…
May 23rd
Inspection of packet captures -PCAP- for signs of intrusions, is a typical everyday task for security analysts and an essential skill analysts should develop. Malwares have many ways to hide their activities on the system level (i.e. Rootkits), but at the…
May 22nd
Office 365 is quickly becoming a repository of valuable organizational information, including data that falls under multiple privacy laws. Timely detection of a compromised account and stopping the bad guy before data is exfiltrated, destroyed, or the ac…
May 20th
In today’s rapidly changing IT environments, new vulnerabilities are identified at an increasing pace and attackers are becoming more sophisticated in their ability to exploit these vulnerabilities. At the same time, systems have become more comple…
May 17th
A compromised system usually shows some form of anomalous behaviour. Examples include new processes, services, or outbound traffic. In an ideal environment, rules are configured to alert on such anomalies, where an analyst would perform further analysis t…
Dark Reading Security News
May 26th
The GDPR grace period ends today. Experts take their best guesses on when data protection authorities will strike - and what kind of organizations will be first to feel the sting of the EU privacy law.
May 23rd
There are a lot of moving pieces involved with data collection, retention, and processing in the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation. Here's how to break down responsibilities between your security team and service providers.
May 18th
A focus on integrity requires a shift in the way many approach security management, but it's one of the most promising approaches to effective enterprise security.
May 4th
EPMs offer the familiar password wallet model with more substantial administrative management and multiple deployment models.
May 3rd
The sun is shining and you have an extra kick in your step. Why not use that newfound energy to take care of those bothersome security tasks you've put off all winter?
New Security Threats
May 26th
Millions of IoT devices based on the Z-Wave wireless protocol are vulnerable to a downgrade attack during pairing sessions.
May 26th
Several well-rated pet trackers contain flaws stemming from the use of Bluetooth LE, poor certificate handling and more.
May 26th
After an Alexa speaker recorded and shared a private conversation, the tech community is casting a wary eye on voice assistant privacy issues.
May 26th
As the popularity around cryptocurrency has continued to rise in 2018, it has also paved an easy path for cash-hungry scammers to launch “cryptocurrency giveaway scams.”
May 25th
GDPR may be going in effect Friday, but U.S. citizens have a ways to go before seeing similar privacy regulations from the U.S government.